Where to download the leaked Windows 11 build

The Windows 11 leaked build is out, so here's where to download it to try it out for yourself.


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Where to download the leaked Windows 11 build

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft announced that it would be the last numbered release of Windows. Six years from that and it looks like they silently backtracked from that decision.

About a week ago, a build of Windows 11 surfaced on some websites. Some say that the build was leaked by a Chinese company, Baidu, but I've seen no proof of that.

The build date of the system is May 2021, though it probably is an older build: the changes in it are too minor to justify a big release. For example, the Settings app remains unchanged between Windows 10 and its successor.

The Windows 11 build number.
Windows 11's rounded corners clash with the square buttons of the Settings app

After getting a bit of traction, videos, tutorials and news articles about it literally exploded; my YouTube homepage contained only Windows 11 videos for a day.

But almost none of them shared a link. Except Enderman, tech youtuber who shared the first link and, together with other users, helped put together a website that acts as a collection of links.

So, if you wanted to try Windows 11 out for yourself, feel free to grab an ISO from, and don't forget to thank those who put the website together by starring the GitHub repo.

If you want to try it out on a real system, be sure to skip the installer that checks for TPM2.0 compliance.

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