Do NOT use Freenom for long-term projects

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Recently, I've switched domains from my old .tk domain ( to a new one under the protective wing of JS.ORG (many thanks to them for offering me this free space). But what pushed me to do that? Let's discuss it together.

At the beginning, there was nothing. Then, a big explosion...

Uhh, wrong beginning... oh, right!
So, at the start of my blogging "career", my blog was entirely hosted on GitHub pages. It was a very basic webpage, it was built with nothing more than HTML/Markdown and some CSS. It was hosted at It then slowly evolved to become a little more complex (I remember I included a bootswatch theme), but that's out of the context of this post. The point is, it was hosted on GitHub Pages' standard domain, which is ok for little projects, but for online visibility let's just say it's not that great. I then discovered Freenom, a free domain service with free renewals? On paper, it's perfect! In reality, not that much... But let's discuss of that later. Anyway, I added my domain to Freenom (the .tk one I mentioned earlier) and forwarded my blog to it (I was a complete noob at DNS at the time not that I'm that better now tbh). Then I decided to switch to Minimal Mistakes as the theme, which was the main theme for quite some time. Some months passed, and I switched once again the blog theme, this time completely changing the backend to Ghost (see my other post, "Welcome, Ghost!"). Recently, I found out that Freenom is really shady with its domains: once one gets enough traffic, it flags it as "fraud" and redirect it to ads (which obviously pay Freenom). I got suggested to switch to JS.ORG, so I applied to a spot in their DNS and got accepted. That's basically the history of my domains.

The point of this whole post is: if you need a domain, please use a service other than Freenom.

See you soon!

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