My recommendations for the perfect Nintendo 3DS


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Hey! This post is only a suggestion of my ideas. Feel free to comment yours, but don't criticize other people's ideas.

The Base Console

  • New Nintendo 3DS, not too big, not too small.
  • Color: Whatever
  • Cover: Whatever

The Hardware

  • 128GB SD Card, to have just enough space for your games.

The Software

  • b9s
  • Luma3DS
  • OFW updated to the latest version
  • NTR CFW ver. 3.2 (outdated)
  • FBI
  • FTPD (ftp file manager)
  • Homebrew Launcher Loader



  • CTGP-7 by PabloMK7

Virtual Console

Basically anything you want with Asdolo's Line of Ultimate VC Injectors for 3DS


Basically anything you want with freeShop Sadly, freeShop has been discontinued, so you'll have to get your games by dumping them. Like the old days before freeShop.

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