The wonderful tale of me hackintoshing my old PC

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Important Notice

The process I’m about to describe falls under a legal grey area, as it’s against Apple’s Terms of Service. I do not encourage anyone to download the stuff I downloaded. For a “legally safer” way to hackintosh, especially useful if you have a newer computer with EFI support, head over to r/hackintosh. (no, I’m not sponsored)

Ahh, the quarantine, what makes me do…

At first, there was just a MacBook Pro. It was fine, but the owner, geeky as he was, felt as if he needed another PC.
Yeah that’s me, and I succeeded; I found an old PC in a box in my house, a Packard Bell IMedia X1041X. So I restored it and installed Windows 10 on it. Then 8.1. And then 7. Yes, I slid with the operating systems on this machine. Eventually, I settled on 7. But I decided it wasn’t enough.

So I downloaded a Yosemite image that was modified to work under old PCs and I applied it to a USB stick. From Mac I saved my data, I erased my disk and installed Yosemite. Easy, no? No.

The Wi-Fi Driver isn’t there. So I had to look up dozens of Google pages before finding the one that worked. And I coupled it with a nice Preferences panel so I have everything nicely laid out.

The graphics driver also isn’t there. Or, it is if you’re not as dumb as I am and you don’t select the “Disable NVIDIA driver for newer cards”. Turns out the driver is there, but dumb me didn’t notice and ended up installing Yosemite 3 times.

All the ports work correctly, even the SD card slot, which surprised me. I haven’t tested the other kinds of ports, but all 6 of the USB ones are working as expected. As of now, everything works fine (apparently including iCloud) except for the shutting down functions that hang before actually turning down. All in all, I’m happy with my setup.

And as always, tell me what you think in the comments. Stay safe!

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